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Eindhoven Strijp S

Our hotel in Eindhoven is situated in the Strijp S neighbourhood. This lively neighbourhood was once home to electronics giant Philips, which also made Eindhoven the famous city is it today in terms of technology, innovation and design. Blue Collar Hotel is glad to be a unique budget hotel in this area in Eindhoven and is situated in one of the old Philips factory halls. There are many things to do in Eindhoven, but especially in Strijp S. Lots of money and time was invested to transform this area into a liveable, workable and loved area full of artcollectives, music, sports and places to go for great foods and drinks.

Your dose of culture in Strijp S Eindhoven

So where do you go when in Strijp S, Eindhoven, The Netherlands? Well if you’re here in October, there’s the Dutch Design Week. During this nine days, the whole area of Strijp S en Eindhoven is turned upside down in terms of expositions, readings and awards all centering design. One month later in november, there’s the Lightfestival GLOW, illuminating the whole city. But there are many places where you can go whole year round. You can visit ‘De Ontdekfabriek’ with kids or take your adult self to NatLab, a source of cultural excesses including filmlab BROET and the multidisciplinary Baltan Laboratories whom organize many events, workshops and expositions.

Live, eat, drink and breath Strijp S

And where do you go to eat? Because eating and drinking is off course a necessity, Strijp S is full of great places to get your fix. At Blue Collar Hotel for example you can eat some great burgers. The long bar is the perfect place to join for one of the many beers of special drinks and mixes like ‘Jerry Loves Ginger. For all the sweet loving visitors, you can go nuts at the Pastryclub, where they offer every sweet thing you can think off. Pastries, macarons, pies, cookies etc. While you’re at it, have your afternoon soup at SOEP! And find some fresh fish at ‘Duurzame Kost.’

Go clothes shopping

Want to invest some money in some cool durable clothes? MLY Pilot Store is an ecofriendly label producing clothing made of biological degradable fibers and ink. At Urban Shopper they offer new and innovative fashionconcept a stage. It’s situated in an old Philips building aswell and the warehouse breathes a relaxed and creative vibe. When you’re more interested to put you’re money in occasional wear you can visit the store of designer jeffrey Daniels and his label Dajé Couture.