Strijp-s Eindhoven:
Dynamic & Popular

Situated in the heart of booming Eindhoven lies the award-winning Strijp-S area. Electronics giant Philips put the area and the city on the map with – among other things – the manufacture of light bulbs. When the company left, iconic buildings remained, one of which now houses the unique Blue Collar Hotel.

Welcome to Strijp-S, the vibrant centre of Eindhoven

Strijp-S is a lively area located northwest of Eindhoven city centre and is known for its cosy Brabant atmosphere. In recent years, there have been a lot of developments in the area to make it functional, liveable, attractive, and popular. And we have succeeded!

Strijp-S is a hub for cultural activities. Every year, major events take place here, such as the Dutch Design Week and the GLOW light festival. But even outside of these events, there is plenty to do in Strijp-S. For example, you can visit the Discovery Factory, where children can explore technology, design, and innovation in a playful way. For adult explorers, there is the NatLab. A cultural hotspot that houses both a cinema and film platform Broet, as well as the multidisciplinary Baltan Laboratories. Regular events, workshops, and exhibitions are organised here.

The great thing about Strijp-S is that it is easily accessible. You can reach the neighbourhood via Eindhoven Strijp-S Station. In short, if you are looking for a vibrant place full of culture, technology, and design, then Strijp-S is the place for you! Drop by soon and discover for yourself why this neighbourhood is so popular.

Strijp-S restaurants: from Blue Collar Burgers to sweet paradise

Discover the culinary and sweet temptations of Strijp-S in Eindhoven. The Blue Collar Hotel not only offers affordable rooms, but also delicious burgers and a wide selection of spirits and beers at its bar. But there’s more to Strijp-S than just that! Taste the delicious pastries at the Pastry Club, slurp hot soup at Soeppa!, and get fresh fish at Duurzame Kost. Discover the spicy scents and flavours of Moroccan food and spices at Hicham. You can even skip the city centre because Strijp-S is where it’s all happening.

If you care about sustainability, visit Urban Shopper, located in the old factory hall. Here you’ll find new concepts and small-scale initiatives, such as the Ecolabel MLY pilot store. This shop offers clothes made from biodegradable fibres and ink. Dajé Couture, the shop of designer Jeffrey Daniels, also has occasion wear and high fashion items. Be surprised by the unique shops and initiatives in Strijp-S and discover a different side of Eindhoven.